Who Doesn’t Like a Good Meme?

by Amy La Sala

March 18, 2016 at 11:34 am

According to the Urban Dictionary a meme is “used to give a bit of pseudo-academic gravitas to stupid viral shit.” Well, that pretty much covers it don’t you think?

If you want a little insight into our team’s thinking, check out a roundup of our absolute favorite memes and why. Then, tell us about your favorite and share it in the comments below.

Kayla: My favorite memes are usually the ones that spring up after something happens in pop culture. I’m always so impressed with how creative, and speedy, people are.

Kanye announces his $53 million debt to the world? Internet gold. Damn Daniel becomes an overnight sensation? Hilarious.

So, when Leo finally took home an Oscar (you go, Leo!), I couldn’t help but chuckle scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Even better? There’s an entire collection of memes from all of the years Leo wasn’t so lucky and most of them are LOL funny.

You’re welcome.

Leo's Win MEME    Leo's Loss MEME


Christina: Because dog memes are the best memes! That’s all.

Dog MEME 1    Dog MEME 2


Kat: Currently, my favorite meme is Hide The Pain Harold. It’s a great example of the Internet world taking something and running with it.

A series of stock photography features the model affectionately coined “Harold.” His less-than-enthusiastic smiles and weird mix of poses has inspired hilarious fictional backstories.

Hide-the-pain-Harold-24-funny-bits   be-strong-hide-the-pain-harold-meme-mobile-wallpaper-1080x1920-20648-2723227328


Cara: Condescending Wonka is my favorite meme category because it’s always a thought that I wish I could say out loud. Plus, what’s better than reading something in the voice of a patronizing Willy Wonka? Let me tell you, nada.

Wonka MEME


Sara: Philosoraptor has always been one of my favorites.

He’s just so profound.

philosoraptor MEME


Amy: Having recently completed my first Spartan race, I have been introduced to a whole new world of Spartan memes. This gem is my absolute favorite. You cannot go wrong with a Mr. Chow meme.

Spartan MEME

March 18, 2016 at 11:34 am

Amy La Sala

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