Meet OMA’s Sensational Summer Interns

by Sara Arnold

June 30, 2017 at 2:10 pm

A LOT has changed since I was in school and had to do an agency internship. I worked *for free* for an entire summer. I made a shit-ton of copies (that’s an American shit-ton, not metric, but still. Lots of copies). I sat around a lot. I witnessed employees making fun of one intern until she was in tears. I was given one of those old Easter egg Macs, even though they were outdated even then.

It’s been <redacted> years since my internship, but I’ve never forgotten that experience. And I vowed that no intern I ever worked with would be subjected to the same pointless, mean-spirited environment I was.

Blessedly, Off Madison Ave has a different approach. For us, these students represent the next generation of advertising talent in the Phoenix market. Instead of treating them as a disposable workforce, we recognize that these are people we might want to hire one day. So we focus on helping them be awesome agency people. Preferably for us. They do real work in their department, participate in agency brainstorms and sit in on client meetings. And we want you to meet them (but keep yer mitts off).

Meet Our Summer Interns

This summer, we have three amazing interns. They aren’t picking up coffee. They aren’t idly surfing Reddit all day. They’re working, just as any other employee. And let me tell you, they are kicking ass.

Hannah Sutter – Graphic Design Intern

OMA creative internshipWe met Hannah at a GCU event and were blown away by her eye for type, color and composition. Oh, and her hand-lettering (the main photo was created by her). She’s set to start her senior year at GCU in the fall and will graduate with her BA in Advertising and Graphic Design/Web Design next April.

She’s a bit of a creative overachiever. Singing! Acting! Piano! Writing music! And she Facetimes with her family dog back in California. Yep, she’s one of us.

Do you send someone this insanely talented to fetch coffee (or beer)? Nope. Hannah is dipping her toes into email design, website wireframing, social media image selects, Keynote presentation design, branding and TV graphics.

Trent Teixeira – Client Services Intern

trent teixeira OMA internshipTrent is best known for sharing his last name with a pretty good baseball player. More relevantly, he’spursuing a degree in marketing (digital and integrated marketing communications, to be exact) at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. But, he likes to say he grew up in the business, thanks to his father’s longtime career in marketing.

Trent plays the trombone and plays in a jazz band. He also loves the Broncos, but we try not to hold that against him.

This guy is a research whiz. He’s been working on industry and competitive research for one of our newest clients, and he’s been working on monthly reporting for two of our largest clients. Plus job starts, task management and other jobby-job activities. The account services team is practically crying in relief.


Elizabeth Valenzuela – PR/Social Media

oma internsElizabeth is a senior in Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, majoring in journalism and mass communications. Elizabeth comes to us with two PR internships under her belt with Make-A-Wish Arizona and College Success Arizona, where she began developing skills in public relations, social media and content development. A fluent Spanish speaker, Elizabeth took an active role in expanding both organizations’ outreach to the Spanish language community.

With all her experience coming, we were super happy to throw her right into the mix of things, working media lists, social media posts and her first pitch. She’s been a huge help with this research-heavy team.

Elizabeth is originally from Yuma, AZ (fun fact: Yuma is America’s lettuce capital). When she isn’t in class or at an internship, she enjoys indulging in her favorite Netflix series and scoring great finds at thrift stores.

Interested in an internship at OMA?

We’re looking ahead to our fall 2017 internships. If you’re interested in working with us, send your info to and let us know what area you’re interested in:

  • Creative
  • Client Services
  • PR/Social Media
  • Media/Digital Media Buying

June 30, 2017 at 2:10 pm

Sara Arnold

Nearly a decade of advertising and marketing experience has taught Sara one thing—there is no consensus on the use of the Oxford comma. Shrugging off that complication, Sara focuses on wrangling words into compelling stories. She’s continually digging into creative strategy and looking for unique ways brands connect with customers. Also, cat videos. Lots of cat videos.