How Fitness Brands Can Harness the Power of Fitfluencers

What makes a fitness personality influential?

by Amy La Sala

October 13, 2014 at 10:33 am

The health and fitness industry has never looked better. Innovation is happening at a rapid pace from sportswear made of smart fabrics that report back your workout results to mobile applications such as Daily Burn featuring workouts of the day that are accessible anywhere, on any device. It’s never been easier for people to prioritize healthy living.

With the rising rate of technology adoption and the incredible use of social media, propelling fitness personalities to stardom, brands are breaking a sweat over ensuring they stay a part of the online health and fitness conversation. Many have already found a unique way of breaking through and are experiencing unprecedented success as a result.

Brands such as lululemon athletica are growing exponentially but have employed very little traditional advertising. What gives? Through a deep understanding of its audience, the brand is able to identify “local athletes, instructors and role models in its store communities who embody the lululemon lifestyle,” according to the company website.

Instead of serving these key individuals, or “ambassadors” as they call them, an ad to buy the latest lululemon apparel, they instead hand over $1,000.00 worth of product and ask that they teach free yoga classes in retail locations.

The result? For very little investment, the brand is able to bring people into its stores and employ a walking testimonial, and model, building awareness and interest among its core audience of yogis ultimately driving purchase intent. Fitness influencers present an excellent opportunity for brands to tap into a captivated audience owned by these personalities, extending brand reach in authentic, exciting ways.

As important as this strategy is, it’s just as important to understand more about this unique set of fitness influencers and what common traits they have so that you can better align your marketing strategy accordingly.

The following infographic breaks down the key characteristics of top fitness influencers to better understand the audience base and their core areas of focus and interest. This knowledge can help in defining and strategizing an influencer relations campaign that’s truly geared toward a person’s individual brand affinities and needs, a one-two punch for success:

Fitness Influencers Infographic

October 13, 2014 at 10:33 am

Amy La Sala

A skilled PR strategist and runner for hire, Amy gets her morning news via Twitter and is captivated by the latest global health headlines. She’s a marathoner and newly certified personal trainer, sharing her views on exercise, weight loss and health and fitness technology, along with the unfolding drama that has become professional sports.