Instagram! Freebies!

by Hannah Heisler

July 17, 2018 at 2:47 pm

For better or for worse I love Instagram. It doesn’t matter how many times the algorithm screws me up, or how often the interface changes—they won my heart with Instagram stories.

Is it a direct rip off of Snapchat? Oh, absolutely. But I spend so much more time posting and exploring Insta’s beautifully curated platform that it was an easy switch (and my 7 friends on Snap probably won’t miss me too much…sorry mom).

As Instagram Stories has now surpassed Snapchat’s popularity, the ‘Gram rolled out yet another major update for us all to fixate over: Story Highlights.

It wasn’t long before the Insta stars and us plebeians alike began getting upset over how the blurry mid-motion video still featured in their Highlight was messing with their perfectly edited feed. Solution? Highlight covers. Since it’s such a new trend, if you want to make original, custom covers, it’s difficult to find the right dimensions or safe space that works for that area. But fear not dear reader, I gotchu.

We love giving away freebies here at OMA (well, mostly Kat) so I thought we’d give out another so you all can stay in tip-top Instagram shape. After all, aren’t we all just a couple million followers away from being *insert Instafamous name here*??? (No.)

Feel free to download the freebie below to begin making your own dazzling custom Instagram Highlight Covers that make all your followers jealous. All I ask is that you compose a Petrarchan sonnet about OMA’s generosity or dedicate the forward of your next memoir to us.

(JK, a social share will suffice.)



Happy ‘Gramming!

July 17, 2018 at 2:47 pm

Hannah Heisler

Hannah’s unbridled love for design and sharp eye for detail fuels the passion she puts into every project. Nothing excites her more than helping a brand’s identity come to life or getting to create hand-lettered typography. With her iPad Pro attached at her hip, you can usually find her fawning over unique color palettes and writing her to do lists in calligraphy.