20 Years of Outthinking and Outperforming

by Staff Written

February 1, 2018 at 9:00 am

Off Madison Ave was born in a garage on October 1, 1998.

We know. It’s a bit cliché.

But 20 years ago, there were no hip co-working spaces or small agency incubators replete with shiny amenities and beer fridges. There was just Roger Hurni and David Anderson, sitting on folding chairs in Roger’s garage, talking about how to redefine an entire industry—and setting out to do just that.

Now 20 years later, Roger and Dave are still having those conversations in a garage—or at least, a large conference room with a garage door (and MUCH more comfortable chairs)—and figuring out what the next couple of decades will look like for marketing and for Off Madison Ave.

We have some great stuff planned for celebrating this anniversary throughout the year. Timelines. Stories. Photos. Retrospectives. “On this day…” fun facts. Photo time-lapses of Dave’s hair graying over time. You get the idea.

This anniversary is ours, but it doesn’t just belong to us. If you’re a friend of the agency, if you’ve worked with us or for us over the years, if you’ve known Roger and Dave for a while, we’d love to hear your stories, anecdotes and memories so we can share them along with our own.

Comment below or send a note, story, video, photo etc. to sara.arnold@offmadisonave.com.

February 1, 2018 at 9:00 am

Staff Written

  • Wonderfully written Sara. Thanks you.

  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

  • Cori Levine-Marx

    Some of my favorite years, most creative ideas, and most talented co-workers passed me by in the halls of OMA.
    As one of the first staffers (number 5 I think? MaryJean and I can fight over that number as we met walking up to Roger’s home downtown to have our first meeting/first day of work in his living room) I have too many memories to list – but here’s a few …
    – The green oval french paper business cards
    – Hand making and binding “page 1” books in my house to take to meetings
    – And of course, working until 2-3 am EVERY night and starting again at 6 am for the first year – which was ok, because Roger, Dave or Eric (or usually all) were up and on their computers as well.
    – Ashely. Because she was rarely present, but always right there.

    Bravo Guys – your vision is to be applauded and your success well deserved. I’m honored to have been a part of it for so many years.

    • Love this Cori. Thanks for responding. BTW, yes, you were number 5.